Our NEW showpiece features the iconic Queen Elizabeth Tower, more commonly known as Big Ben (which is actually the name of the bell inside the tower) and was created from a variety of fiber laser applications, all achieved using a combination of our redPOWER CW and redENERGY pulsed fiber lasers.


This latest showpiece joins our existing Tower Bridge model, chosen as they both perfectly encompass the United Kingdoms culture of engineering prowess and innovation, something mirrored by our own UK based design and manufacturing teams. 


Click the main image below to see a complete build video of the piece or discover how each section was created by clicking the relevant images to the sides.



image tower

  • White marking into black anodised aluminium, brass deep engraving and brass colour marking are all present at the top of the tower and all processed with a redENERGY 20W EP-Z. READ MORE.

  • 320 cut metal plates make up the main tower and were cut with our 1-3kW redPOWER CW lasers in our own Apps Labs. READ MORE.

  • 3x 500W redPOWER CW lasers working together produced this Additive Manufactured (3D Printed) part from Aluminium metal powder. READ MORE.

  • Clock faces are 2.5D deep engraved in anodised aluminium. Created by our integrator partner ACSYS with a redENERGY 20W EP-Z.     READ MORE.

  • The base includes a deep engraved logo into highly reflective brass, processed by our redENERGY laser. READ MORE.