Deep Engraving


All the clockfaces you see on the model were created by  , specialists in creating laser systems for material processing.  Their system incorporated an SPI redENERGY G4 20W EP-Z pulsed laser, the combination of which allowed them to produce an amazingly detailed final result.


The clock faces started out as 5mm & 10mm anodised aluminium; ACSYS deep engraved these pieces with incredible precision, cullminating in the pieces you see before you today and showing just how much more precise a laser can be over traditional engraving methods.










  • Clock Hands

    The hands on the clock face were cut with a redENERGY G4 20W EP-Z pulsed fiber laser ...WATCH THE VIDEO.

  • Engraving metal with a fiber laser.

    While fiber laser cutting and laser engraving are two separate laser processes, they have many similarities, and so a single cutting laser setup can also be used to laser engrave materials too.  In this article below we explore laser engraving in more depth, with a particular focus on the engraving of metal using a fiber laser.....READ MORE.
  • Advantages of fiber laser engraving.

    There are many ways that one can engrave materials, but fiber laser engraving has developed to become the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective process on the market. Capable of delivering results with a much higher quality than many of its more traditional counterparts, it’s unsurprising that it has quickly become a staple part of many industries around the world.......READ MORE.


    Watch as our redENERGY G4 EP-Z laser, deep engraves aluminium.



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