Cutting & Engraving


The base of our tower model was created by bolting 5 decreasing metal discs together, consisting of brass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium and deep engraving the top, brass disc. Our redPOWER QUBE 1-3kW fiber laser was used to cut each disc and our redPOWER G4 20W EP-Z laser deep engraved and cleaned the brass disc.



  • Brass Engraving.

    Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc. The material properties of brass include; low melting point, high conductivity, and being highly malleable. These properties can vary depending on the specific alloy of brass being used. READ MORE.

  • Watch our video on cutting & marking brass.

  • Cutting reflective metals.

    Reflective metals, as their name may suggest, are metals which can reflect back wavelengths that are directed at them. Examples of these metals are copper, brass, and bronze. Some of the most reflective metals are aluminium, gold and silver, the latter of which can reflect around 95% of visible light.... READ MORE.

  • Watch our redPOWER video cut, engrave and clean the Big Ben base.



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