The tower of our model was created by bolting 320 slices of cut metal together; the metals used were copper, brass, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. 


Our redPOWER QUBE 1-3kW CW fiber laser was used to cut each piece, consistently recreating the intricate pattern for the entire height of the tower.



  • Low power fast cutting of mild steel.

    Even with only 200W of power, mild steel from 0.5 to 1.9mm can be cut with good quality edges at speeds up to 10 m/min... READ MORE.

  • Cutting 5mm stainless steel with air and nitrogen.

    Fiber laser cutting is a popular technique for metal profile cutting, particularly for Stainless Steel due to faster cutting speeds and exceptional quality... READ MORE.

  • Cutting Aluminium with a 3kW Fiber Laser

    Aluminium is a versatile metal used for many industrial applications due to its impressive strength yet light weight. It is used by the transportation industry, such as the aerospace and automotive sectors to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emission... READ MORE.

  • The tower was constructed by intricately cutting sheets of various metals and combining them to create the detailed profiles you see before you.



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