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In this webinar Jack Gabzdyl, VP of Marketing and Business Development at SPI Lasers looks at how ns fiber lasers can be used for cutting and scribing. These lasers are best known for their use in laser marking systemsare becoming more widely used in micro machining applications such as cutting and scribing.
Jack will review how ns lasers can be used for cutting both metallic and non-metallic material using scanner based remote cutting or, through a process head with a co-axial gas head. He will also look at how they are extensively used within a range of diverse markets such as e-mobility, jewelry, solar and electronics industries.
In this webinar you will:
• Gain an appreciation of the laser sources and the features that make them uniquely suited to cutting & scribing
• An understanding of the various mechanisms employed in the cutting and scribing processes
• Examples of the types of materials that can be cut and scribed
• Specific examples of both cutting and scribing with their industrial context

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Duration: 40mins

Cutting & Scribing with ns Pulsed fiber lasers