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Bringing improvements to Fiber Laser Manufacturing
Flexibility and Productivity.

Fiber Lasers inherently good beam quality at high powers have really opened up new processing opportunities that were only dreamed of with earlier types of solid state lasers. However, recent work has shown that the highest beam quality does not always produce the optimum processing for some applications.


To date most Fiber Lasers sources have used a fixed beam quality, which has meant introducing compromises when using them in a flexible manufacturing environment addressing a number of material types, thicknesses and processes.

We will look at some of the issues raised by this “one size fits all” approach in real world applications, and why these can’t be solved, even using expensive zoom optics focussing heads.


Looking at laser cutting of sheet metals we will show how Fiber Lasers with variable Beam Quality are able to increase the quality of laser processing for both the piercing and cutting phases for thick and thin materials.


We will introduce variMODE a new feature designed to overcome the limitations of previous lasers and give a more flexible approach to laser processing. Using a novel, all-in-fiber technique the output beam quality and mode profile can be selected in real time to optimise the processing for each application. We look at the advantages of this approach, and why it has potential to improve the overall productivity of Fiber Lasers for Materials Processing, by outperforming traditional fixed beam quality Fiber Lasers.

Duration: 40mins